We create videos, animation and web assets for companies that need clear, concise communications.

We make even the most complicated concepts or business communications accessible and easily understood by the people that our clients need to educate. Whether it’s a product, idea or business process that’s difficult to explain, we distill each concept into a simple message that’s accessible and interesting.

Let's work together to create a video or info-motion graphic that tells your story and gets people to take action.


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Why Video is Hot

We deal with all parts of online marketing as you’ll see in the pages of this site. However, we’re highlighting video here, because we think that things are going to be moving in that direction more and more each day. Every day, more than 2 billion videos are viewed on YouTube. Course, most of them are crap. But if you can come up with something good, the audience is there. Another stat for you: What’s the #2 search engine? Answer: YouTube.


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Sometimes B2B Video Without Voiceover Is Best

Voiceover is cheap and easy to add to video, but B2B video is often most useful without voiceover.

B2B viewers often watch videos in the office where audio is a distraction to fellow workers.

Looping videos, which are used in places like trade shows or website banners, is another case where voiceover should not be used.

The trick to creating effective video without voiceover is to show short succinct messages with graphics that are simple enough for viewers to easily grasp.  Complicated information heavy illustrations will likely confuse a casual viewer.  You are better off sticking with only the essential messages shown shown in a way that is super easy for any viewer to understand.

For an example, take a look at this simple example of a video without voiceover…