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We make even the most complicated concepts or business communications accessible and easily understood by the people that our clients need to educate. Whether it’s a product, idea or business process that’s difficult to explain, we distill each concept into a simple message that’s accessible and interesting.

Let's work together to create a video or info-motion graphic that tells your story and gets people to take action.


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Why Video is Hot

We deal with all parts of online marketing as you’ll see in the pages of this site. However, we’re highlighting video here, because we think that things are going to be moving in that direction more and more each day. Every day, more than 2 billion videos are viewed on YouTube. Course, most of them are crap. But if you can come up with something good, the audience is there. Another stat for you: What’s the #2 search engine? Answer: YouTube.


Loudmouth Marketing Blog

3 Key Elements of Effective B2B Video Content Marketing

B2B Marketers Favor Video

B2B marketers are increasingly favoring video over whitepaper formats as part of their growing content marketing initiatives, an industry report has found.  The B2B Content Marketing Report, produced by LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community, was based on a survey of 815 marketers participating in the group in June.

Among the key challenges cited by marketers when producing content are the time/bandwidth to create content (55 per cent).

Creating great content is never easy.  However, the following tips will make the creation of effective video content less challenging.

1. Well-defined targets

The key to effective content marketing is to be sharply focused. It’s virtually impossible to successfully market to everyone all at once.  So instead focus your video content efforts on just one customer at a time.   This customer will serve as the model for your target buyer persona.

2. A deep contextual understanding

Create video create content that resonates with your targeted buyers by focusing on:

  • Their motivations, pain points, and role in the buying process
  • Where along the buyers’ journey they get stuck
  • What assistance you can provide to get them unstuck and propel them forward to buy

3. Create Short Videos That Focus on a Few Issues

We like short videos because a one minute video is twice as likely as a two minute video to be viewed in its entirety.  If they aren’t watching, they can’t get it.

Only address one or two points and eliminate anything that is non-essential and that doesn’t address the issues described above (2).

Overly produced videos aren’t necessary for most B2B communications and add to the cost of the project and are often less credible straightforward communications.  This is why Sales often finds that plain text email campaign are more effective than graphical HTML.